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The Puddleton experience has been transforming residential gardens since 1994. With a team of expert landscapers and horticulturists, we design, build and maintain your garden with careful attention to detail, ensuring that the finished effect is in keeping with your individual taste and lifestyle. Creating a garden of unique beauty is our specialty.

We offer a personalized service that highlights the best aspects of your landscape, alters the flaws and meets the challenges. Always aware that we are not only professionals at work in your garden, but invited guests at your home as well, we seek to provide the utmost in quality service and customer care. Toward that end, our objective is to create designs that fill three basic requirements for you: to complement your home, reflect your personal style and fit your budget.

From the crisp symmetry of a traditional garden to the graciousness of a courtyard garden to the sleek sophistication of a modern garden, our designs coordinate with your home’s architecture while adding to its overall beauty. We understand that your garden is an extension of your home, so we create a garden that not only accommodates your family activities and the entertaining that is commensurate with your lifestyle, but also emulates the same sense of personal style reflected in your home’s decor.

Beyond garden design and maintenance, we offer a range of services that include consultations, building garden projects from planning to completion as well as specialized horticultural services such as landscape solutions and remediation of ongoing problems, among others. All our services are provided within your budgetary constraints.

Our two decades of excellence have earned recognition for our Sydney landscape gardeners and designers in publications that include “Sydney Morning Herald,” “Weekend Australian,” “House and Garden” and “Gardens and Outdoor Living” along with profiles on television programs “Burkes Backyard” and Moar Gardening.

Puddleton Cottage Gardens Pty Ltd
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Landscape Licence 254051C

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