Puddleton Gardens Consultation Services


Our array of high quality services includes expert consultation. With an excellent team of Sydney landscape garden designers and consultants, our personalised consultations provide everything from ways to transform gardens of any size to garden solutions for even the most difficult problems. We work with garden owners as well as garden professionals such as landscape architects and contractors to ensure elegant, individualised results.

Design assistance is often the starting point for our consultation services. Whether you want a cosy, cottage-garden style filled with lovely old-fashioned blooms or a peaceful traditional garden lined with symmetrical rows of hedges and trees or a contemporary style to complement the clean lines of your home’s architecture, we can help. Our consultation offers you the opportunity to bring your dreams to life in a way that reflects your individual style in your garden.

Devised with your specific garden in mind, we present planting solutions that turn problem areas of your garden into showcases. From xeriscaping to create a wonderful garden that thrives in dry climates to companion planting that wards off garden pests, we have a planting solution for every garden dilemma. Our dedicated consultants are happy to help.

We also offer onsite training and problem solving. Perhaps, for example, you need a little training to achieve the lush green lawn you desire. Maybe a dry creek bed of pretty stones is the answer for that area of your garden where water always seems to pool. Our consultants can provide both the training and the solutions you need. After all, gardens are our business.

At Puddleton Gardens, our consultation services offer everything your garden needs.

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