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Puddleton Gardens, designers, builders and carers of residential gardens, has provided landscaping and garden solutions in Sydney, Australia, and nearby communities since 1994. We offer a full range of services from conceptual design to caretaking of mature gardens with integrated pest management systems to help your garden flourish.

We create attractive views of areas like walls that may be difficult to incorporate into the garden space by training plants to grow against the flat surfaces, a process called espalier. Trellises, rustic fencing and specialised frames are used to orient plant growth and enhance the attractiveness of the foliage or fruits of the plant. An espalier plant may serve as a focal point or an art form in a garden or simply help break up the uninteresting two-dimensional surface of a large wall.

Our integrated pest management systems incorporate methods of pest control that minimise pesticide use. Selection of hearty species that are naturally resistant to pests and use of biological agents that are not harmful to the ecosystem are major elements of this approach.

As we work with you in conceptualising and creating your garden, we take into account the chemical properties and mechanics of the soil on your property. We examine the natural layout of the landscape to optimise water and irrigation needs. We recommend specific types of plants that will be compatible with the soil, physical configuration of your garden and the scale of nearby buildings.

Our approach encompasses both artistic beauty and practical application to create a unique garden space for your site. Whether you prefer formal topiary English-style grounds, a private golf course or an attractive way to extend your living area into the garden space, we have the experience and qualified staff to meet your needs. Designs range from the quiet reflection of minimalist Zen courtyards or the soothing sounds of cascading rills to gardens that incorporate tennis courts, swimming pools or multiple terraces.

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