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    by Jonathan Garner faih

    Dry Gardening Australia, by leading landscape designer and horticulturist Jonathan Garner, is a practical, achievable and easy-to-follow guide to establishing or retrofitting a drought-tolerant, sustainable garden from the soil up. Step-by-step photographs illustrate an invaluable collection of techniques for soil improvement, planting and cultivation, and installing water delivery systems.

    Published December 2007
    208 pages, paperback with flaps
    245 x 210mm


    “From the experience of a passionate plantsman and professional gardener come practical and effective gardening techniques that all people can adopt and benefit…..a worthy acquisition”.

    Sub Tropical Gardening Magazine, Autumn 08

    “This title, by a leading landscape designer and horticulturist, is a practical, achievable and easy-to-follow guide to establishing or retrofitting a drought-tolerant, sustainable garden from the soil up.”

    Dymocks books

    “This is a wonderful book. It’s practical, extremely useful, incredibly easy to follow – and funny! Reading it is like having a chat with an old friend who’s come over for a cup of tea and to help in the garden. Jonathan Garner offers an immense amount of knowledge and information about how to save water and still have a beautiful garden. …… this must have book will help everyone to do their best for their garden and the environment.”

    Gardening Australia Magazine, January 08

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    From the first peek over the picket fence, this enchanting garden on Sydney's North Shore entices with its rich tapestry of colourful flowers, lush plantings and tumbling foliage.

    When the owners acquired this double block, with its rambling grounds and 1916 cottage the garden was sadly overgrown. A magnificent coachwood tree became the starting point for new plans when the couple employed Jonathan Garner of Puddleton Gardens to design and create a garden sensitive to its origins.


  • Burke's-Backyard


    Synopsis: Join Don Burke and visit the world’s greatest gardens in Italy, France, Ireland, Spain, UK, USA, Indonesia and Thailand with Burke's Backyard The World's Greatest Gardens. While taking you on a fascinating tour of these wonderful gardens, Don also shows you how to create the same fabulous looks in your own garden designs. Sit back, be inspired and enjoy the world tour!


    The featured garden in this segment of the DVD was designed by Jonathan Garner and built by Puddleton Gardens. The design blends styles from different countries to create a modern multicultural garden incorporating different moods and uses. Don looked at this classis example of a global garden surrounding a Federation house dating from the 1800's. Designer, Jonathan Garner used geometry as a unifying theme in the garden, and added a sense of fun as well.


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