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A beautifully designed garden lives and grows for generations. Offering a lovely place for relaxing, entertaining and simply enjoying nature. A well-designed garden is a natural habitat for flowers, shrubs and trees along with the birds and butterflies that delight in them as much as we do. For this reason, Puddleton Gardens designs and plants not just for today, but also for tomorrow, always with an eye toward nurturing and sustaining your natural environment.

Keeping the unique needs of your garden in mind, our garden designers for Sydney North Shore and the Eastern suburbs use a holistic approach, ensuring that the beauty of your garden can be maintained with minimal water, chemical insecticides or unsustainable fertilisers. With our design aesthetic of elegance and environmentalism, your garden will be as pristine as it is beautiful. These qualities have become the hallmark of Puddleton Gardens.

Individualised attention is another key component. We are pleased to be invited to design specifically for you. To gain an understanding of your site and requirements, our first meeting with you as our client is a consultation in your garden. At that time, we tour your garden and discuss your vision for it. The information we gather becomes the basis for a design brief that fulfils your needs, encompasses your desires and respects the overall environment of your garden and local area. We base our fee proposal on this design brief.

At Puddleton Gardens, we are at your service, creating a design that is more than a mere look. It is the distinctive element enhancing your garden for generations to come.

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