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Puddleton Gardens is a landscape design company for residential gardens that provides conceptual design, construction, garden management and specialised services like integrated pest management and soil remediation. The garden that you have always dreamt of can easily become a reality with the assistance of our professional horticulturalists and landscape designers. We have provided exclusive garden designs and landscape development in Sydney and New South Wales since 1994.

Construction of your garden is implemented in several phases that begin with a site inspection and assessment. Through consultations, we gain a thorough understanding of the kind of garden space you envision from layout to the types of plants and vegetation that best suit your taste and the specific micro-environmental conditions of your site. We provide comprehensive quotes that include all materials and plants required, consultation fees and the fees of subcontractors as needed. Finally, we undertake all landscaping and site development work.

Our website gallery illustrates the variety of Sydney landscape construction and water feature installations that we have completed including work for Mosman and Woollahra councils. Whether your garden space is complex with tennis courts or is a simple setting with an ornamental fountain, we take care of every detail to provide you with an attractive space that has the atmosphere you want.

We specialise in water features ranging from unique fountains to reflection ponds and swimming pools. Trickling fountains and cascading rills provide a soothing background to create a mood that enhances relaxation. Construction of water features takes into account the size of your plot, the development of the terrain to support both water and plant features and the nature of the soil to sustain all of the garden elements.

Our construction services also include development of features such as garden walks, decks, stairs and driveways. Unique styles ranging from cottage gardens to formal designs are enhanced by specific types of masonry, plantings and tile works.

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