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After your garden is designed and built, garden management and maintenance will enhance the beauty of the cultivated plants and the landscape setting. Puddleton Gardens provides expert garden management services in Sydney and surrounding areas to keep your residential garden attractive. Some clients have grounds staff to maintain their gardens, some prefer to maintain their gardens themselves while yet others prefer to use professional caretaker services. Whatever your style, we can help you design and implement a maintenance plan.

Regular maintenance can be on a large or small scale. Seasonal Sydney garden management services may include new plantings, preparing the soil and beds for changes in seasonal weather, applying fertilisers or implementing pest management services to keep the vegetation healthy. More regular management services include shaping of ornamental topiaries, maintaining the form of espalier plants, keeping recreation areas like golf courses or tennis courts trimmed and ready for use or making sure that water gardens are clean and functioning properly.

Jonathan Garner, Sydney horticulturalist and landscape gardener, oversees qualified staff who work with you in planning, building and caring for your residential garden. Jonathan's experience with dry environments and sustainable gardening take into account both the regional climate and the micro-environment of your property. The management and staff of Puddleton Gardens delight in providing an enjoyable outdoor landscape that complements the structures and living spaces of the property.

We have crafted unique garden solutions for residential plots in Sydney and regional New South Wales since 1994. Whether you want to start from the beginning and design a garden space on your site, enhance a developed landscape or remedy specific soil or drainage problems, our consultation services take into account your taste, budget and the individual characteristics of your garden.

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